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SynthVR is a modular synthesizer environment for virtual reality. 

Plug in to the future.





What is SynthVR?

SynthVR is a modular synthesizer environment for virtual reality. In SynthVR, you can enjoy a modular patching experience enhanced by VR, enabling you to touch, feel and see your sounds in new ways.

In SynthVR, you can:

  • Build awesome patches with a fully modular signal flow.
  • Write and perform electronic music in new and unique ways.
  • Move, dance and sweat while tweaking your virtual modular.

Key features:

  • Limitless supply of bleeps and bloops.
  • Includes a wide selection of modules.
  • All control signals run at audio rate, just like real modular.
  • Perform with controllers that go beyond physical possibility.
  • Works on Oculus Quest & Oculus Rift.

SynthVR is free while in alpha development. Download SynthVR today and join in the creation of something new for electronic music making.

SynthVR in action.

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